Cannonballs! v0.1 released


Hey everyone! 

Happy to announce the 'alpha' version of Cannonballs! (available to download for windows/macOs)

Grab an opponent and play in local 2-players kind of style (that means you and your friend will be squeezed onto the same keyboard). Support for gamepads is on the feature backlog :)


I had this idea by watching a Unity tutorial where there was a game with the same mechanic but with a different setting and art style. I always wanted to experiment with a low poly 3d art and I am pretty satisfied with the result for the low poly floating island (I have adapted a great model  by alfance). I like the floating island and the other details. Let me know if you like it too.

It was also fun playing around the low poly water (I bought a really good asset from the asset store for few $). 

If you want to know more about what's going on beyond the scene of building this kind of games, just let me know I will write more gamedev-oriented posts.

State of art and future releases

At the moment you can play against an opponent  in a 5 rounds match in a single setting : "the open ocean". If people like what they see my plan is to extend the game with more 3d settings (a lighthouse scene, ecc.) and more gameplay features. And yes, why not, I'm thinking also to add another gameplay for those lonely people that don't like others, where you play against an AI trained with machine learning... that's kind of futuristic I think..


I will listen to your feedback so if you want to contribute I'd be very happy to listen to your comments/ideas and in case you are too shy to post a comment just drop me few lines using this email link: Send Mail .  Would you like to see a new feature? Do you have an idea for a 3d settings? Or maybe just suggest me how to improve the gameplay.

Hope I can count on you also for any bug crawling on your keyboard :) 

One last think: I need a lot of coffee to stay up at nighttime to work on the game so if you want to support me with a small donation I will be very happy to spend your money in good quality Italian coffee... (BTW 'Lavazza Rossa' it is my favourite)  

That's all for now, download the game and enjoy! 

In the meantime I will work bringing new features. Hope to release another version soon. 

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Aug 07, 2018

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