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Watch Blackthornprod GAME JAM #2 | Part 1 from Tiger_J on

Yo, I beat level two, I'm awesome.

I really like the idea, especially the way it's used on the first level. Good job!

Oh, thank you for your feedback! I might extends the game in the near future. Thanks for playing it!

This game was quite fun. Even though I could only get up to 60 seconds on the 2nd level I thought it was creative and a bit hectic at times. Amazing job :).

Thanks for your feedback! Glad that you liked it!

I really liked your game! The challenging difficulty keeps you driven to finish the game, at least for me.

I like your writing style, it's very peaceful alongside with the art and the music, I felt good playing this.

I thought the sound effect for when you fell down the map to be too high pitched and after the countless times I died midly annoying (that may have been my fault to over abuse the sound effect).

I learned something from this game, and that is, I do not have balance.

If you find the time check out my game as well! I'm looking for some feedback (and reviews/ratings). Thanks!

Ehy thanks for your feedback. Thanks to you I lowered down the pitch for the 'falling' sound effect and it sounds much better now! You were right. I wrote a review for your game, you can check it out. After the jam I will probably do some changes keeping teh core mechanics and graphics and expanding from there. I really would like to see where I can bring this idea.

Alright man! i like your enthusiasm and i’m happy i helped you improve :)

Keep up, thanks for reviewing me too :)

nice, at first I was annoyed, but later I started calming down thinking, if the developer can win it, it can be won xD and ya on the second level it took me time to figure whats to be done.


(for everyone who didn't get it and is about to give up too early)

good game


Ehy thanks for your feedback and you are right it is clear at this point that the second level it is hard and also not clear what to do for the player. I definitely need to review it after the jam. I'm confident I can do better. :)

Even though the game is really hard. I found it relaxing by the calm music. Nice visuals!

Thank you so much! I will try to build from your feedback after the game jam is finished. I'm working to make it easier. 

I thought the controls weren't too bad, they make the game challenging but I think it is still doable. I got to 15 seconds left on the second level but couldn't complete it, its difficult to tell which bullets are going to hit you and which are not. Also the art looks really good :)

Thanks for your feedback, using the keyboard shouldn't be too bad. You are right it is a bit difficult. I couldn't come up with a better mechanic I guess...  

I actually like the mechanic, having to be careful with where you move was quite fun. I think using a mouse/ joystick with the same sensitivity would improve it, since it would allow more freedom in the player's movement 


Hi danidesa

I saw your post in the discord channel and thought I would give your game a try.

First of all the graphics are really nice. Nice colors and animations (2 level).

But I have to say that the controls are not ok. The planet is moving too fast if pressing the keys. Maybe playing with a controller with analog sticks is better. 

If you have any time left before the deadline, I would suggest you to try rotating the planet with the mouse.

I was thinking hte exact same thing, the controls are waaay to sensitive. But I also found the 2nd level really hard and couldn't actually complete it. But I think you have a good game, that just needs some more "balance" ;)

Ehy, thanks for your feedback. Maybe I can decrease the rotation speed. It was ok for me but maybe not for everybody. Maybe I can make an option to let the player choose between different sensitivity values, I'll give it a think.  Thanks again for your feedback and for playing the game!

Could it be that you did not use Time.DeltaTime for rotating the planet? This could explain why the rotation speed was ok for you and is too high for me. Just an idea.

But having an option for the rotation speed sounds good. A slider would be cool.

Well, actually after your last comment I went there to have a look and I discovered that as long as I use

Input.GetAxis("Horizontal") I can be assured that it is frame-independent by default so I shouldn't be worried about Time.deltaTime in this case, I can leave it out. I guess the only option here is to have an option menu where the player could set the sensitivity, that should solve the problem, yes a slider in a settings menu would be good.