A game developed by @edesdan inspired by https://sandrofigo.itch.io/innocent-chickens.

The game is about sheep and aliens as you might have guessed from the title ;D .

You play as a shepherd and your job is to save the sheep from been captured by despicable aliens: aliens love roaming sheep!

Collect coins to get bombs to destroy the enemy's ships! 

If you like the game please consider rating it and maybe share your final score on Twitter, that would help me reaching out more gamers. Thanks! 


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The game is pretty basic and minimalistic and there isn't much to do for the player. It reminded me more of a mobile game than a PC game because of its point and click controls but the game was fun. T did notice that the aliens wouldn't always go towards where the sheep were so trying to get the aliens to move to a bomb was pretty fustrating. Your game is first in my video. Unfortunantly it didn't capture the gameplay.

Nice concept! How did you got the "roaming" effect of the sheeps?

Thanks! I used a simple navmesh from unity, I played just a little bit around the agent property (size,  colliders, ecc..). The sheep's animation did the rest.  For the alien ship I used instead an A* pathfinding (graph-based), if you are curious this is the tool I used: https://arongranberg.com/astar/.

Cool! :)