Have you ever dreamed to direct traffic in a middle of a crossroad? 

The enormous responsibility that comes with it doesn't scares you?   

Fulfil your dream with Traffic Jammy.  How long you will survive without an accident? 

A probably buggy game developed by Dani Desa for Weekly Game Jam 96 (really done in 2 days.. ).

The wonderful music track is from Memoraphile @ You're Perfect Studio. Link here

AuthorDani Desa
Made withUnity
Tags3D, cars, jam, live-action, traffic


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This is a great game, so simple yet so fun! 

Not that dissimilar to our own submission haha (great minds!)

We look forward to seeing what else you create :) 

Ah ah ah yes I saw your entry, nice one as well!  and the funny thingh is that I happen to be  in plymouth right now.. :D  

Oh wow that's crazy, small world! 


Great work! Simple, polished and surprisingly addictive. I really like the simple control scheme.

I think if it were to be expanded, I'd like to see a more robust scoring system, But it's quite good as it is. 

thank you for your feedback! yes the scoring system could be improved.

Fun and simple, well done!

Very polished!


This is really well done. Would make a solid mobile game since it's pretty much touch compatible already. 

Only "issue" is that sometimes you have to wait for quite a while for a situation that actually requires you to stop any cars. A lot of the time you can just let the cars go straight through no problem. 

Rather than an endless game, I could see a level based approach work well for this, with different kinds of intersections, maybe even multiple intersections (Though The endless mode is still good).


Hey Thoof, thanks for your feedback! I really like the level base approach and i was thinking the same, so maybe you are a traffic police man and you are called in different part of a big city to help directing the traffic and every time you solve different kind of challeges based on the same mechanic and you earn badges and move forward next level everytime you accomplish the mission.... something like that.. The only problem I don't have time to work on it!!!! :( 

Hey, this is really fun and well made. 

good job!

Thank you! I am Glad you have fun playing it!